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Your network is your net worth - we all knew it, but only until recently we've been able to turn sales & marketing into a value adding community activity. Classerium is one of these solutions that allows you to build a business and relationships at scale.

Janos Barberis, SuperCharger Ventures

Janos Barberis
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Manage Videos and Articles

Simplify On-Demand Video and Article library and get more done. Upload, edit, manage and deliver Content to your users instantly and in any language

REPLACES: YouTube, Vimeo, Medium

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Go Live at any Moment

Built-in Live Sessions. Use direct calls, on Schedule, Conferences or Workshop sessions directly in browser. You decide the format: from call of few to streams to millions

REPLACES: Zoom, Hopin, AirMeet

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Convert Information to Money

Choose Subscriptions or Stand Alone Payments, Apply different Rules for Different User Groups and get money to your Bank Account instantly

REPLACES: Patreon, Udemy, Uscreen

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Communicate with Ease

Write Reviews, Comment, Rate. Send Marketing emails and Newsletters. Apply Email Chains and Notifications. Deliver Special Offers with Promo Block.

REPLACES: Twilio+Sendgrid, Podium

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Get Full Insights

Conversion funnels. Stats of every prospect and every user. Time tracking on all activity and content for every user. Deep Data from email to IP address and more...

REPLACES: HubSpot, Segment, Sales Force

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Joyful environment to consume content

Intuitive design specifically created to hold the attention of every single user. All needed information on Home screen, Comfortable to navigate Content Structure, Automated Notifications, and much more...


Create and Manage Content in a Couple of Clicks

Set up Categories, User Groups, Access Levels, Speaker profiles, Publishing Rules, Static Pages, Emails and Help Center from one single screen. Human Friendly and Easy to Understand.


Control how your Platform Look and Feel

Tune everything - from domain name and emails to every color, button and form, add languages on-go, and even change interface with instant preview

Easy InstallationPersonalizationIntegrationsMigration

Pain Free Installation

Finally, you don’t need extra skills to have your own media platform. Our team is at your service 24/7

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Use Cases based on Your Needs

You can use Classerium as a stand-Alone Application or as a Part of your Existing Website

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Integrate with your Current Set-Up

With easy to use API, Classerium can connect and synchronize to already existing services, databases or SSO

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Migration with Pleasure

Classerium will help to clone or migrate all of your content, user database and structure. Human friendly. From SME’s to International Corporates.

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Built for individuals and Teams of all sizes

Content CreatorsStartUpsConsultingCorporatesHardwareSalesPublic

Build a Community with your Own Rules

You are the Master of your Platform. Place any content on the Platform without prejudice (If it's legal)

Monetize your Knowlege

Build a steady revenue stream under your control, with ease and fun

Create your Universe

Publish and deliver content on your terms. Create structure, notify followers, share updates and enjoy the whole process all the way

Tell the world what you are working on

Use a powerful communication tool from day one. Focus on your content - Classerium helps you to deliver it!

No More “Book a Demo” Pains

Prepare your prospects before the talk! Gain a Happy Sales team with a fully automated and trackable flow

Save Money

Save money with - no code solution, working out of the box, pay only for one system, automation. Spend your teams time efficiently

Consult Customers Directly

Your own Communication System, out of the box, adapted to your needs. No expensive Tech Stacks

Your Solid IT Partner

Classerium works directly with you as if a part of your company. Reap the benefits, development and insights from our other clients in your market

All in One Place

From gaining new Clients to attracting Interns, Automated Integrations and more. Boost your business up to 40% with Classerium

Train your Customers

Trained Customers use your product more efficient! Saving you money and time


Easy integration with your existing Tech Stack and databases, API, SSO and more...

Track Results

Get insights on every expense on content and communication. Instant reports and insights into what works. NO need to hire Consultants and Agencies to enhance it all!

Internal Training

Train your employees, Service team with fresh information when needed

Database for Clients

If you are still sending Pdf’s to your clients - its time to take control of their engagement

Support Line

Supporting or even replacing your Call Center - Schedule Calls with consultants - Visualise issues and so much more...

Train your Sales

All your Sales information and techniques in one single place with automated scripts - ready to be used

Automate Sales

Use Pre-Recorded Webinars to generate HOT Leads, Automate Follow-ups, Onboard new Users and more...

Steady Flow

Keep information about every user action, from prospect to customer in one single place with historical data

Public Administration

Public Admins needing to relay information. Let this platform be your voice, Your everyday “All-In-One” tool

Collect Feedback

Communicate with your users in multiple ways. Build a flow to know their pains, and gain proper feedback

Use Anywhere

From Public Schools to Communal administration, Pension Systems, Universities, Education, Integration, and more...

Most frequently asked questions

Who produces the content for the platform?
You do, as a customer you are solely responsible for populating the platform with content.
What can I change on the platform?
You can change the colors of any element based on the design system, interface naming, logos and email design. You can’t change the layout of the pages and the general logic of the platform.
How can I manage content?
You will have full access to content creation and moderation via the internal CMS. It allows you to create any content and manage it in minutes.
Can I use several languages on the platform?
Yes, currently we support 49 languages for interface and content. In case you are missing some - we can add it within 24 hours.
How can I upload my employee and customer database on your platform?
We will help you to upload your various Databases securely with a script from a CSV file. Your information is in good hands.
I want a unique feature that is not currently existing. Can you provide this?
Yes, it's doable. In case your suggested feature makes sense in our standard platform functionality - we will prioritize it in our development plan. In case the required feauture works only for you - we will estimate the cost based on hourly rates, and you will be able to start using it within a short period of time.

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